About Us

Hello! Thank you for dropping by.

A few months ago, I left my cushy career of 12 years to free up some headspace, discover East London and discover my passion that was put on hold due to harsh, day-to-day reality. Boring story, I know!

I began to explore the food and fitness scene in East London....who would have guessed Disco Barre and TRX can go hand-in-hand to stay fit? Have you seen the amount of pop-up restaurants in London? How can something as simple as dumplings be so hot at the moment? Can you believe that you can be a foodie and fitness junkie, both at the same time? Being in Hackney is truly an inspiration. 

I had my lightbulb moment when I was frantically researching to buy beautiful, durable leggings a few months back. I wanted something unique, affordable and most importantly: less mainstream, less black. I came across many niche, interesting leggings globally.... but nothing as unique, and affordable as these Batik hand drawn and painted leggings! Being a Batik artist myself, I know how much effort goes into every piece of design, and how underrated this artwork is.

I immediately knew that this is my calling. I contacted the founder to discuss possible collaboration opportunities... and the rest is history. I am more than excited to share this product with likeminded people in this part of the world!

These are my top 3 principles, and I adhere to them religiously for each product / brand that I curate:

I am tired of paying so much for so little...

I believe that everyone should always strive to get quality products without breaking the bank. After learning so much about product development and supply chain in my previous management consulting job, I realise that the majority of the cost (especially marketing / retail space / logistic) can be eliminated / reduced significantly. I do not believe in high markups or subpar products just to maximise profit margin. Hence, I only sell items that I am willing to buy and use personally.

I want to support small businesses who are passionate about what they produce...

I make it a personal decision to support small businesses who are genuinely passionate about what they do, or their personal mission. Since we are increasingly buying free range / organic fish, poultry or vegetables from the local fishmonger, butcher or greengrocer...why can't we do the same for other types of purchases?

....and ultimately make a difference to society

For every product sold, £1 will be contributed annually to the Comic Relief Red Nose Day. Your money will now be put to work, transforming lives in the UK and the world's poorest communities! 

If you resonate with me in any of these principles above, do join this movement and come shop with us! Again, thanks for even realising our existence, and reading through my rant.

I hope you enjoy these products as much as I enjoy curating them!


Ai Rin